Leverage your investments in plant, people, material, and technology.

Better returns on your existing investments

IQ-Fusion is a first-to-market solution that allows you to correlate your business results to your plant performance. With IQ-Fusion, you can constantly monitor the amount of volatility in your operations as lost profit, via the financial Opportunity Value Gap (OVG).  This new metric measures the difference between what your process is capable of versus how it is actually performing.  Armed with this information, you can focus your resources on those areas generating the greatest level of return on your existing investments.  So you make better decisions to manage your operations and make the most of your investments.



Next generation technology

IQ-Fusion’s sophisticated predictive analytics and powerful correlation analysis engine give you access to next-generation performance management at the speed and economy of the Internet.

  • Minimize your cost to produce
  • Increase material yield conversion
  • Better utilize resources
  • Compress process cycle time
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Improve product quality
  • Increase customer service levels

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