Make every day of production one of your best.

Focus on what matters most

IQ-Fusion delivers Dynamic Manufacturing Intelligence (DMI), which means you get visibility of your entire operation, from business unit to plant, department, value stream, asset, and product.  You also get the insight to act—in real-time. That means power: not only to know when variation is occurring, but also which variations have the biggest impact on quality and output. When you focus on the critical few issues that impact variation, you’ll know your highest priorities and speed time to value.

  • Eliminate guesswork
  • Make changes while production is occurring, not after the fact
  • Correlate which variables in the production process have the greatest negative impact
  • Determine whether variables have impact independently or in combination with others

Go beyond traditional intelligence solutions

Best of all, you get all this powerful information in real-time, as events are happening, down to the one-minute interval. IQ-Fusion translates all of your intelligence data (business, manufacturing, operational) into easily accessible pods [or visuals] that cover your entire value stream. For each report, you can drill down on any data point down to the underlying process parameter level.

That might sound like data overload. But thanks to IQ-Fusion’s easy-to-understand charts and graphs, IQ-Fusion simplifies your data. The analytics are done for you, as you get ready-to-use actionable intelligence.

Share and retain knowledge

There’s no limit to the number of users with IQ-Fusion. So it’s an effective way to share knowledge across multiple levels of plant personnel at no added cost.

  • Give immediate visibility to all personnel (no user limits)
  • Enable universal awareness of critical performance events
  • Choose from a variety of data presentations
  • Retain knowledge and experience
  • Protect your company from lost staff knowledge with turnover


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