Closed-loop Performance Management

Closed-Loop Performance Management

With IQity Solutions’ menu of products and services, you establish links between your corporate business strategy and individual work plans and tactical activities.

Our products provide a complete Closed-Loop Performance Management solution so you can actively manage your customer requirements through the planning, conversion, execution and monitoring phases of your value stream.

Most business today have disparate systems working independently, resulting in sub-optimal business results and profit erosion.  With IQ-Fusion,  you harness the collective capability of your business into one powerful performance management platform to:

  • Understand the costs of your enterprise opportunity loss
  • Focus on the few critical issues that are most important to improving business results
  • Recognize and proactively seize opportunities as they happen
  • Allow senior managers more time to work on additional value-added activities
  • Recognize trends in real-time, before monthly or weekly reports become available

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